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In pure Faith and Trust I continue to devote my Life to Spirit,
Listening to the Call ~ Accepting my Destiny
My Passion to Understand my Family Ancestry
Lead me to witness and be present for the 11.11.11 Ceremony at Chichen Itza.
To My surprise I received an incredible Activation from the Divine Spirit
As it flowed down the Serpent path of KuKulcan through the Earth sending it's wave of Divine Energy
entering through my root chakra expanding its Kundalini force it began bursting each Chakra wide open
as it went up through me and out my Crown Chakra.
The force so strong it laid me down onto the ground where I was sitting
I became One with it's Divine Energy. It was as if I had been struck by a lighting bolt!
When I arose from the activation, the Mayan Ceremony was beginning to take place at the Pyramid.

Upon returning back home to California
The Wave of Transformation became Exhilarated
Listening to the voice of Spirit now louder than ever,
I began to let go, let go, and let go some more as
The Winds of Change whirl me into the Unknown.

In just 9 months from the Activation I received from Spirit on 11.11.11,
My Life has made a 180' change!
I have returned to Chichen Itza where My Journey, a New Beginning
has begun to unfold with the Mayan Community here at Chichen Itza!
Living in pure Gratitude.
more details of the transformational process soon
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