" Lucky Charmz"
Andrew & Sean

Chichén Itzá
Ceremony of Father's Ashes
Photo: James A. Martin

Maya Winter Solstice Adventure

~ Day Out of Time ~
July 25, 2006

Cosmic 13
th New Moon

Yellow Star :: Solar Seal
Beauty :: Elegance :: Art

~A Day Out of Time to Reflect ~
~ Our past moments, wonders, joys, accomplishments
~ A
Day Out of Time To Celebrate ~
~ The Beauty, Elegance, and Grace of the Divine ~
~As We step forward into...

::: Red Magnetic Moon Year :::
July 26, 2006-July 25, 2007
"What is My Purpose?"

From The Ashes Of Creation
From Which I Rise Upward
Towards The White Light Of Eternal Life
Grasping It's Glow Of Perfection
Within My Hands,
I Bring It's Force Into My Being
I Feel It's Warmth Bring Life Into My Body
Transforming Into The Essence Of Love...
I Allow It To Grow :: To Spread
I Am One Now With All Of Creation
Gathering It's Strength...
I Begin To Spread The Light Of Love
Throughout The Universe
Touching All Of Creation

~ Jagat ~

La Mouline, France
© March 2, 1985

This is a very exciting and auspicious time
for all of Us as We step into Our Future Selves.

:: Red Magnetic Moon Year ::

With the guiding Light of My Ancestors, My Father's Spirit, My Inner Faith~Trust and An Invitation to
the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru, I begin my journey with Spiritual leaders, practitioners from different traditions around the world, and Inca Shaman Elders.

:: Our intention of gathering ::
Envision, Experience and Manifest

The Andean practices teaches us
:: Intention is Everything ::

Working together with these energies of intention and forces of creation, we will behold the power of the Andean tradition, the initiate path passed on by the Inca Shaman Elders. As we journey to the sacred sites, we envision and experience the universal power of the four elements, the four directions, and the four
Words of Sacred Tradition:

To Dare ~ To Want ~
To Know ~ To Be Silent

Together with my Father's Spirit, I continue my journey to the Sacred Site of Machu Picchu, celebrating My Birthday!

:: A VIP Dream Manifest ::

Visualize :: Intention :: Prayer ::

:: My journey will be 22 days ::

look forward to sharing the gifts and adventures of this sacred magical journey with all of you!

Blessing, Paz y Luz
~ Jagat ~

Fore Fathers
Shira Cave
Day 4
Fore Fathers
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Excerpt from magazine article by
Michael Modzelewski

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