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My Adventure of 11-11-11
My Passion to understand the Ancient Mayan Calender lead me to be present for the 11.11.11.
Renting a car I began my journey through the Yucatan to take part in a Full Moon Ceremony
which was to take place the evening of 11.10.11
After the ceremony thoughout the night my spirit began to release layers of past experiences, old thought forms , experiences that were stored in my cellular level, I floated through dementional doorways as I was being cleared of energies, thought forms no longer needed for the work ahead of me. At the time I was unaware of where this process through the night would lead me, yet by morning I was awaken by the birds at sunrise as they pecked at my window.

I awoke with an amazing sense of clarity and a lightness to my spirit. A shower and I was then off to visit Chichen Itza. I walked down the Jungle road some 100 feet and there to my right was the Observatory of Chichen. With the excitment of a child first taste of honey I proceeded to the back entrance of ChichenItza.

and their I received an incrediable Activation from the Divine Spirit
The Wave of Transformation became excilerated
In pure Faith and Trust I continue to devoted my path to Spirit,
Listening to to Call I began to let go and let the Winds of Change whirl me into the Unknown.

In just 9 months from the Activation received on 11.11.11,
My Life has made a 360' change!
I have returned to ChichenItza where My New Journey, A New Beginning
has begun to unfold with the Maya Community here at ChichenItza!
more details of the transformational process will be forth coming
Maya Winter Solstice Adventure
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